Monday, 11 July 2011

LSPF day out

Today I headed out to the London Street Photography Festival (LSPF) and carried the GF1 with me to give it the first going over in London. Within the first minute of starting out my day, coming out of the tube at St Pancras International, I spotted a man raising an X100 in the corner of my eye; I commented 'nice camera' and then bumped into him again 2 minutes later. We got talking and found that we were both in St Pancras for the same reason (to see Entente Cordiale and start a trip looking around the LSPF).
It was nice to talk photography and walk around the LSPF, sharing views and thoughts on street photography. We exchanged details and here is his website
It was real nice going around with another photographer but as a result of our chit chat I wasn't fully focused on shooting (I like to keep some form of eye contact when in conversation).
I did get some shots fired and below is an edit from today.
One last thing, Boris, I'm really sorry if I walked into the frame for any of your images - hope you had fun with the X100 in London, I'm glad we met.