Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Staff continued

This bank holiday weekend whilst back at Pontypridd I went along to a bbq at my good friend Lee's house. Luckily he has a Staff as his dog and amongst the choas of kids playing and 10 inch flames coming from the chicken, I fired off some shots. Looking back at the images I'm not happy with how busy the backgrounds look, the shadows from the fence - also trying to get both subjects to look in my direction was more difficult than originally anticipated.
As this blog is mainly for showing current work, I'm not too fussed about showing images that I'm not entirely happy with. Feel free to contact me and comment on what else you do/don't like about any of the images in my posts.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Missing signs

So I've eventually managed to find the time to edit and convert the RAW files I lost last week. This edit is made from images taken around Thurrock where I noticed a number of signs had been vandalised.
With scrap metal prices increasing, road signs seem an easy target due to their roadside access enabling a quick getaway. Earlier this year Surrey County Council stated that they will replace stolen aluminium road signs with plastic road signs in an attempt to deter theives.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Staff only

Firstly, it's a very sad note to start on but I would just like to show my respect to the photographers out there on the front line. My thoughts go out to the family and friends of Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros who were killed yesterday, also to Guy Martin and Michael Christopher Brown that were also injured.

Since my last update and after my memory card incident I haven't been up to much but I have some new work and the first image from a new project. I was out on Monday around Tilbury power station for my energy project and driving back out from Tilbury Fort I came across two Staffordshire Bull Terriers (only one of the dogs turned out to be a pure breed). I've always wanted to do a set of portraits around Staff dogs and their owners and here seemed the perfect place to start.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Thank you Canon

I've been out and about with a medium format film camera for the past 2 weeks so I was really excited to update this blog with some digital work I've shot over the past few days. However, due to some technical difficulties (Jessops piece of shit memory card reader) I've erased all of the Jpg files from my memory card. Over a weeks worth of work gone in a second. Luckily however, the boffins at Canon added 2 slots to the 1D mkII n and all my RAW files are safe and sound. Sadly no new stuff tonight, or for about another week in fact, due to my laptop running a 'student' version of PS CS2 and no other memory card reader at hand until I get home. I'm a bit gutted that my original plan of uploading new work will not happen but I'm kissing and caressing my camera for keeping all of my RAW files. I promise more work will come flowing when I get back to uni and the C41 dev room!