Saturday, 16 April 2011

Thank you Canon

I've been out and about with a medium format film camera for the past 2 weeks so I was really excited to update this blog with some digital work I've shot over the past few days. However, due to some technical difficulties (Jessops piece of shit memory card reader) I've erased all of the Jpg files from my memory card. Over a weeks worth of work gone in a second. Luckily however, the boffins at Canon added 2 slots to the 1D mkII n and all my RAW files are safe and sound. Sadly no new stuff tonight, or for about another week in fact, due to my laptop running a 'student' version of PS CS2 and no other memory card reader at hand until I get home. I'm a bit gutted that my original plan of uploading new work will not happen but I'm kissing and caressing my camera for keeping all of my RAW files. I promise more work will come flowing when I get back to uni and the C41 dev room!