Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sunrise Staffs

After photographing the house last week I continued to look around Corringham for more flags; my luck was in when I came across two owners of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and they kindly allowed me to photograph their dogs - the second owner preferred that her daughter be photographed and joked that it was too early to be standing in front of a camera. Thanks to both of the owners for stopping and adding to my Staff folder. Hopefully by next week I can have more flag images and maybe another Staff if I'm lucky.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunrise with St George

Before work this morning I quickly set up outside a house after arranging that it was ok to photograph with the owner a couple of days back. I can't decide which of the bottom two images I prefer so I'll probably end up going back there again but this time about 15-20 minutes earlier to see if the light is better - hopefully with a bit more wind too..... Apologies if the colours seem off, I know that my colourblind problems have produced some interesting results before when I then run it by the wife (who is currently asleep) for a second opinion.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thurrock flies the flag

Starting with some good news, I have now moved on from part-time pizza delivery to part-time camera shop work. Not great when I'm trying to save harder now than at any other point in my working life - but still it's all adding up and talking about cameras to people isn't that bad of a job (just the pushy sales part that I'm not so keen on). So a new job and a new project. Thurrock flies the flag came about from when I worked as a delivery driver and noticed a few St George's Cross flags around. Although I own a Welsh flag and do hang it over a balcony when out on a skiing holiday, I've never gone to the effort of flying/hanging it when I lived in Wales. This summer was quite a patriotic one with the royal wedding and at one point bunting was everywhere but that's gone now. People that still go to the effort of flying a St George's Cross are that extra step above the bunting crap that was so easily available. It's that extra step that interests me and hopefully the shops/sheds/houses/garages flying the flag will make for some interesting images and interesting people. First up.......