Sunday, 23 October 2011

Here comes the bride

Almost 10 weeks have gone by since my last post and I'm gutted to say that I have very little new material. I have been busy paying back my student overdraft and also quite unorganised at setting aside some time to go out and shoot. Saying that, there are no real excuses that can get me out of the lack of activity on this blog - sadly I've let photography fall below some less important tasks. I'm now back in the flow of things, starting with paying for a Viewbook account (which is still under construction) and also getting back in the loop with following blogs and twitter to get my photography fix. Big shout out to JonathanJK asking Viewbook for a favour and equally for the Viewbook gang dishing out a favour - I'm really excited about finally getting an online portfolio of work using their clean look templates. So now onto some of the images that I have taken over my quietest 10 week period, they were taken a few weeks back at my oldest (period not age) friend's wedding. She asked me to obviously shoot the ceremony and after party but I asked if it was ok to come for the wedding prep - thinking it would help bulk out the wedding book. Before the wedding we had only agreed on the staged shots for the ceremony itself so I was looking forward to the morning to wander around and be snap happy. It's because of this freedom that I'm willing to put up some wedding shots on a blog that I was trying to keep as purely personal. Sadly for my 1D MKII N, the wedding prep was the last thing to go onto its sensor. Literally minutes after arriving at the registry office, after using the camera for the previous 3 hours, the camera died and displayed 'Error 99' - so until I can afford to send it off for repair, which isn't going to be anytime soon working as a part-time pizza delivery boy on minimum wage (poor me, no really, poor me - I'm skint), I'll be using my back-up GF1 (that was luckily at hand when the 1D gave up). One other thing, congratulations to the newly married Meredith couple and thanks for an awesome day!