Friday, 11 March 2011

New work

My dissertation is finally over! It's great to have a camera back in my hand and being able to produce new work without any other major deadlines. To start things off I have an image taken about an hour ago from outside Amazon in Swansea. It was taken on my DSLR as a mock shot before I set up with a Mamiya 7. I've shot about 4 rolls of 120 for my major project since my dissertation hand in, however I've not made the time to turn them into digital files yet so hopefully I can get scanning tomorrow, but in the meantime I hope there's enough detail in the Jpeg to give you an idea of the subject, which ties in with my 3rd year energy project.
Although shooting on film will slow me down (with regards to uploading work to here), I hope I can keep myself busy with my new 28mm 1.8 lens I bought this week for my Canon 1D mkII N. As well as the bus stops project I'd like to continue with, I have another project I've been wanting to do for a while now, more on that when I've arranged my first shoot (Hopefully Sunday).
In the meantime.....