Thursday, 23 December 2010

New (old) camera!

I've been away for a while in Essex with my partner so I apologise for the lack of input on this blog. Slowly I'll pick things up to at least one blog a week (no promises though, as I have a dissertation deadline in a few weeks). For my new projects I've decided to make the switch from film to digital and stopped using my EOS 1V and went ahead with buying an EOS 1D MK II N from a good friend Jonathan - check out his latest goings on over on
The fact that I have no ability to process my own film over the Christmas holidays and that I need to shoot a lot of images, eventually lead to this (probably way overdue) decision. I hope I can be a lot more proactive with shooting work now that I don't have to worry about loaning a DSLR from university and the cost & time of 35mm film. Although I've started some new projects I'm waiting until I have more of a variety built up before I post anything surrounding that work. So in the meantime I'll add what I manage to shoot every week.
Before I left for Essex I quickly run over to the student protest in Swansea town centre to try out my new camera. Here are the results