Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kings vs. Storm

No update for a week, but I have a valid reason, I've been away enjoying Paris Photo 2010 since last Wednesday. Before I left for Paris I made the decision to take with me only my Canon SLR with a 50mm lens and 35mm film. After a few digital shoots lately it was really nice to get back to using a film SLR. I find that using film slows me down and I think about how I’m framing my images a bit more than compared with a DSLR (where 1000 images is an easy feat for one weekend). Also, when I only get 36 exposures in exchange for one of my hard earned £5 notes and there’s no option to immediately view an image afterwards, I take a little bit more care for each exposure (which I hope in turn lands me with better work, well, that’s how the theory goes anyway). Sadly though because it costs me £5 for 36 shots and it takes so much longer to process and print, I’ve had little choice other than to let digital slip in more and more these last 12 months, increasingly more I feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle, especially being colour-blind where post production on colour chemical prints can take a lifetime adjusting the filters on an enlarger. So while I have fun playing with chemicals processing my Paris work, here are some digital shots (Canon 5D mkII) to keep this blog going.

This work is an expansion on the training session with Kings Basketball earlier on in the month. They really liked that work and wanted me back to capture their game against Swansea Storm. I've decided to publish some stuff that is more about Kings Ball Club and less about the game, if you're interested in some action shots then please visit